Children's room should


The first few months, most infants spend in the parents' bedroom, as this facilitates breastfeeding and provided

contact with parents. Closer to the year the child is transferred to a private room (if available).

Equipping a nursery, we must remember that this space will serve not only the child to sleep. The more your child can not see, hear and palpate, the faster it develops. Children's room should be bright and well-ventilated. The ideal room temperature is 20 ° C. In winter, heating should work, but the heaters should not be located next to the bed.

Better not to overload children's excess furniture to protect the child from injury and not to accumulate dust. If parents are not available to a private room for a child, then you need to isolate the screen cot, rack or something similar. Thus the child will have at its disposal a small private little world.


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