After living with

not no pain. On the bed lay a young left

the woman who did the same operation as

woman of thirty-one, but they still do not

could get very hard departed from anesthesia. Under

bed in was not "duck" that she needed to

walk to relieve himself.

Mature woman embroidering cross, sun time something

told, that's about thirty-five a woman too

put in a few words: "Yes, it has all the girlfriends and

friend called back, said that was not

ectopic pregnancy. Apparently, not the fact that she

pregnant is very important. After living with her first husband, she

never been pregnant. He is not from br l, referring to the fact that

she is barren. But it turns out that it's likely he did not

she was able to conceive the child. So, a woman happy.

Especially the doctor explained to her that in a year of treatment very

Frankly about childbirth

Miracles do happen

expensive drug, costing about three thousand


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