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It is known that children during an acute illness or exacerbation of chronic, routine vaccination is not carried out. Vaccination should be deferred until completion of recovery or chronic process. However, if there is an emergency situation when you need to instill an unhealthy child, it can be done (vaccination for emergency indications). In such cases, contraindications to vaccination can be neglected to for vital urgent circumstances to instill a child.

Allergic to vaccinations

Allergy to vaccine components associated with excessive sensitivity to components of the vaccine. If your child suffers from allergies before vaccination discuss everything in detail with your doctor.

Complications can be both light enough (hives, rash manifests itself in skin and itching), and enough serzenye (angioedema, serum sickness, and even anaphylactic shock). Therefore, health professionals, and parents need to carefully observe the child in the first day after vaccination and immediately begin to provide assistance at the first sign of ill health. In this case the decisive treatment is prompt assistance.


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