Now lift your shoulders up. Understand your feelings when shoulders are tense. Relax and lower the shoulders. Have you noticed a difference?

If you learn to distinguish between what muscles you are tense, always be able to relieve stress and relax completely. / / - Tension and relaxation of the whole body - / /

Strain one after the other muscles of the abdomen, hips, legs, then the back, neck and hands. Save this voltage for 5 seconds. Note sensations.

Start relaxing with the abdominal muscles and then relax the muscles of the arms, legs, head and neck. Breathe slowly. Make a smooth inhale and exhale, relaxing even more. Feel like you're relaxed. / / - Effect on the psyche bodily sensations - / /

Mental attitude has a great impact on the muscles of your body. But try to say to myself "with the expression" like a poem: "Oh no! For what you do to me will not get! Never in my life! Over my dead body! No, no and no again! And do not think that I listen to you! "- Feel like in your body tense muscles? You internally, "psychologically" rested his arms and legs. You are compressed and stretched. Such a condition in labor will only hinder you.


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