Bicycle elephant

39 Game 8 Game 8 Play again Memorize words and Draw crosses. bicycle elephant gate kettle toot pasta fur

40 Recall and record WORDS Rate your answer as well as you did on page 38, and for- write received scores. You can train yourself. Take the word of Application and remember them, drawing crosses. If you are easily over- commemorated 7 words Take more - 10, 15, 20 - as you want! My Points 7 words per second in the 8th game

41 Game 9 Game 9 This game will be more difficult. Now you need to draw the Baptist ki and Crosses: SO OR SO BUT NOT SO IT - ERROR You have no more than 3-4 seconds on every word. Started! WORDS: Noughts and Crosses: grove walrus spoke blanket cake frost button ,


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