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Food for anemia

A woman who is pregnant for the second time, anemia often develops in the second half willows II III trimester. With each subsequent pregnancy and childbirth more severe anemia.

In the treatment of anemia nutrition is of great importance. Care should be taken to the diet of pregnant

attended by at least 2-3 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight, which is about 180-240 g 60-100 g of them a woman should receive a cooked meat or poultry, 40-60 - fish, 100-120 g - of cottage cheese, about 15-20 g - of cheeses. You can also eat one egg a day. Should not be neglected and fats: daily diet anemia patient must be at least 75 grams of fat. Their best to get out of butter and vegetable oil. Also the food should contain a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and, of course, foods rich in iron and B vitamins (especially B9), vitamin C, vitamins and iron sources listed above. Need to eat more seasonal fresh fruit and drink juice.


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