To achieve this, first

he needs time to pee.

Gradually cease to remind

A child needs to learn how to perform necessary

sired sequence is independent

but without reminders. To achieve this, first

you give your child clear instructions, then proceed

to the issues, and then - to the common words associated with mountains

SHKOM, and in the end only certify the dry

the state of his pants. Please use the direct

mye instructions ("Billy, go to the potty"), then Handbook on Non

Shiva, where the child wants to go ("Billy, you're ho

chesh on pot? "), and then say something

Child shows where he peed

total that is associated with a pot ("Billy, show

where you go "pee-pee". ") In the end, the interests

just mind your baby dry panties ("Billy,

you have dry panties? ") that will not be the Napo

Minani and fact check the status of his underwear.


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