Upon entering the room, we were

The room was on the second floor, it was

Duplex, that is consisted of two rooms, in which

faced with two beds, which were in addition to esch TV

table, chairs, two tables, on the floor's rooms are Cove p. Also

was calculated for four toilet and wash basin, which

located on the left side of the entrance and the shower - right

sides of the common hallway, on both sides of which

standing in front of each room closet for clothes and shoes.

Sun looked very well. Esch was good is that

Each room had a balcony.

Upon entering the room, we were met by an elderly woman. It

settler was the right room. Like it

smiling, but something unpleasant and slippery was e

look. She persistently treated me and my husband, then

something began to tell the story of his granddaughter and e


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