As lay child

As lay child sleep

If child wants sleep , he fell asleep . It Easy and великая истина , которая многим мамам сберегла нервы . И истина , следующая for this - if a child sleep not wants , no necessary lay its forcibly ! matter in fact , that at healthy baby biorhythms debugged so clearly , that you , by large account , for its successful Sleep necessary just not interfere with these biorhythms .

Not See nervously on hours , worrying , that kid time sleep , and sleep at it nor in one eye . If a child good eaten , pozhmuril eyes on toy or favorite mother's face , be may , even smiled him fleetingly , then he this жизнью вполне доволен и обязательно заснет , но чуть позже . Не must throw rock baby , stacking its against желания . Он , скорее всего , действительно уснет , устав убеждать вас , что sleep he not wants . But after extra movements and experiences not less tired yourself and you .


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