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It is well known that during pregnancy alcoholic beverages should be avoided entirely.

Thus, it was shown that the use of alcohol (5 times a week or more) women during pregnancy increases the risk of having a boy with cryptorchidism (undescended testes). In order to correct this birth defect, you may need surgery.

Alcohol also impairs the thyroid gland pregnant and may cause a disruption of the fetal brain formation. Such children are worse in school, they are harder to concentrate on anything, they begin to read the rest later, etc.

Yet scientists can not say that alcohol in any dose uniquely harmful. For example, in many European countries it is believed that if a woman consumes alcohol in small doses (100 ml wine or 0.33 liters of beer), and from time to time (1-2 times a month), it has no harmful effects on the fetus. However, studies have not been completed. Therefore, a woman who wants to have a healthy baby, it is better to abstain from alcohol. But in the fall should not be extreme: it often happens that the woman drank alcoholic beverages, not knowing about her pregnancy, and learning begins to worry about the health of the unborn child. In this case, you should stop taking alcoholic beverages to the birth. Healthy lifestyle will contribute to the normal development of the fetus.


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