The guy decided

cross. I decided to break the relationship with him and correct him

said about this when he was sober. Sergei silently listened

I only just slightly embarrassed and br l. In the evening,

returning from a walk, I saw him near the entrance. He

waiting for me, was drunk and angry. The guy decided that with me

can be hard to talk to, and I will continue under pain with

meet him. But I was adamant. "No" - I said.

Then he blasted with power fist in the entrance door, and she

flew off its hinges, falling in front of my neighbor, who

returning home from work. He was stunned by the fact that his

could kill the falling door. "You see what I

grooms - I wanted to defuse Obstanovochka - and you

ask why not go get married ... "I ran into sharply

staircase and quickly tore the stairs home. The house was


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