If you want some

just food. If the kitchen is very small, select

another room with no carpets on the floor or carpet,

which is not spoiled.

Sweets as encouraging

You need a variety of goodies: Conference

You, corn sticks, pieces of fruit, nuts or

ice cream - all that is necessary as a promotion

for the fact that the child goes to the potty.

If you want some special praise D

child, select the sweetness he loves more

all, and gets quite rare. If possible,

wear goodies in a pocket or apron

that they were always on hand.

Potty training in the kitchen


During training, you need a lot of time

erages. They can also be used as

encouragement. Also, the drinks will cause in re

Child frequent urination, which in turn

turn gives you more opportunities

teach him to go to the potty. Most of the children

like soft drinks, fruit juices

and milk. To avoid stomach upset is not


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