Stretch marks

This small breaks the skin tissue. First, they look red or purplish marks on the skin, and eventually fade and become lighter

skin. Stretch marks occur due to rapid weight gain - and not only in pregnant women. To prevent the appearance of these marks, just make sure that your skin remains supple and elastic. This will help the essential oils. Once a day, spend a massage oil or simply lubricate the skin oil, paying particular attention to the abdomen, chest and thighs. The best essential oils to combat stretch marks: geranium, frankincense, neroli, rose, rosewood, chamomile, tangerine and sage. Of course, before using essential oils should be diluted with vegetable oil suitable for your skin type.

Body Care: relaxing bath

To relieve stress, gain clarity of thought and concentration and make pregnancy more pleasurable, alternately take a bath with the following composition:

To 5 and n f o m p o w m and k, and 2 to n and l and r a n a g e p and n and, to 3 and n L and R a n d s, 2 to n and l and g e r a n;


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