In - First, it is remarkable

Buy thermal water "Vichy" or any other manufacturer. Two - three times in day spray the face, it will support the skin balance of trace elements and moisten it.

On night necessarily Apply on face nourishing cream.

Drink in course day good water. Filtered, bought (only in good place, and not in near a stall where its and dispensed) or spring. Lactating mothers in principle drink in over day must lots: one only milk you give about a liter in the day, can you imagine what kind of thirst experiencing body? And thirst this

leaves its imprint on skin. Take for rule each day before breakfast drink on glass of warm water. In - First, it is remarkable means from constipation and general slagging of the organism, in - Second, these first sips at once offset by a deficit of water caused for night. When more case comes to breakfast with a cup of tea!


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