- We now wait. If two hours

esch down below. Gynecologist first two had driven me

finger, and then using the other hand gently

I slipped into a metal needle to dissect

amniotic bubble. After puncturing the bladder, it

continued podavlivat my crotch, drain the water in the

iron tray that was under me.

"Water for bright, clear! It is very good! You got me

hear??? "- she turned to me.

"Yes" - I said, clenching his teeth. The procedure was slightly

painful and very, very unpleasant!

Frankly about childbirth

"Get off the chair - she continued to talk. - We now

wait. If two hours begin spontaneous contractions

it will not come ed stimulate generic activities

dropper. So, go AFB place. Train m! "

Around : the first signs of contractions. In

: in the next bed (left window) led a young

Woman. It is already at the door beginning to gasp and groan, and through

twenty minutes later she was moaning that she was sick, and esch through


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