Here and there, in the woods, on my phone

where you want. Only here, in the resort, my

MTS "dead." Well, that was me with Simca


I always use this number only where there is no

MTS take, for example, in Turkey. I like Beeline. It

the only link that automatically switches

roaming abroad.

Here and there, in the woods, on my phone antenna is

appeared on one or two sticks, and then disappeared altogether. But,

thanks Beeline, although some connection, but there was. Later, I

Frankly about childbirth

Miracles do happen

learned that in the lobby there is a telephone, and thanks

set the defined combination of numbers, could have

Operator place a call at the expense of the host country.

It was convenient, especially for those who have run out of money on

cellular telephone or was not Biline.

Administrator by issuing travel documents gave

me the key with number plates from the room and invited to go for it.


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