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It is known that children during an acute illness or exacerbation of chronic, routine vaccination is not carried out. Vaccination should be deferred until completion of recovery or chronic process. However, if there is an emergency situation when you need to instill an unhealthy child, it can be done (vaccination for emergency indications). In such cases, contraindications to vaccination can be neglected to for vital urgent circumstances to instill a child.

Allergic to vaccinations

Allergy to vaccine components associated with excessive sensitivity to components of the vaccine. If your child suffers from allergies before vaccination discuss everything in detail with your doctor.

Complications can be both light enough (hives, rash manifests itself in skin and itching), and enough serzenye (angioedema, serum sickness, and even anaphylactic shock). Therefore, health professionals, and parents need to carefully observe the child in the first day after vaccination and immediately begin to provide assistance at the first sign of ill health. Читать полностью -->

Salary reduced twice

money so we restock food in the office. We

kadrovichkoy went and bought tea, coffee, the most expensive

candy, cookies, waffles and other goodies.

On the previous work and the tea and food bought only

own money, and not really a cup of tea is not always

succeeded because of the large volume of work and constant

control of the main even at lunchtime.

Closer to winter, the financial crisis in the country and

worldwide. Our construction has not begun, but had

clear the area of debris and old buildings.

Salary reduced twice at the behest of General

Director and kadrovichke me and others and does no longer

pay. It turned out that we were getting a salary for "black"

statements, but "white" statements fills itself

glavbushka itself for all sign a receipt. Everyone who

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After living with

not no pain. On the bed lay a young left

the woman who did the same operation as

woman of thirty-one, but they still do not

could get very hard departed from anesthesia. Under

bed in was not "duck" that she needed to

walk to relieve himself.

Mature woman embroidering cross, sun time something

told, that's about thirty-five a woman too

put in a few words: "Yes, it has all the girlfriends and

friend called back, said that was not

ectopic pregnancy. Apparently, not the fact that she

pregnant is very important. After living with her first husband, she

never been pregnant. He is not from br l, referring to the fact that

she is barren. Читать полностью -->

For such a short period

whom to ask when the veins are already spoiled, but occurs

an emergency and veins just needed?

I decided to write this book only after

she gave birth. For such a short period - a year, I

experienced a sea of emotions, positive and negative,

plucked experience and discovered quite

new knowledge, as I do not regret. My son was

two months later, when I started writing the book. I used to dream about

what is sure to face two children, a boy and a girl,

but after gave birth to her son, and had heard

stories about childbirth other girls, do not know when to make up my mind

this step and make up my mind whether it is ...

Frankly about childbirth

Why does everyone, not me.

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Measure its best

Fever modern medicine considers the temperature measured in the armpit, above 37.5 degrees or rectal (measured in the rectum), the temperature above 38 degrees. Measure its best conventional mercury thermometer (electronic thermometers are often mistaken by half a degree or more) for 5-10 minutes (less time measurement may affect the accuracy). Do not forget to hold the hand of the child, the children tend to drop thermometers.

In children older than 3 months at a satisfactory state of health must be reduced temp Aturi exceeding 38.5 degrees. In children, in which the temperature had seizures before, for children with severe diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as in children under 3 months criterion for reducing the temperature is above 38 degrees. At temperatures below the indicated figures should not reduce it.

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Talked a lot about

Tatiana, especially since she graduated gymnastic Institute

and this was very proud. Talked a lot about how

do exercises properly, how to breathe correctly as it

participated in athletics, etc.

The guy with whom I met that night,

several times was not far from me, and I noticed that

looking at me, probably studying. But as soon as I

looking in his direction, Cyril immediately averted his eyes to

they did not meet me.

Announced the launch and the team performed a series of turns

tasks, including, firstly, the running speed, in-

second, quickly put up a tent, and thirdly, to kindle a fire

of previously collected twigs, fourthly, moving

rope and rifle shooting at a target. It was not easy

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Children's room should


The first few months, most infants spend in the parents' bedroom, as this facilitates breastfeeding and provided

contact with parents. Closer to the year the child is transferred to a private room (if available).

Equipping a nursery, we must remember that this space will serve not only the child to sleep. The more your child can not see, hear and palpate, the faster it develops. Children's room should be bright and well-ventilated. The ideal room temperature is 20 ° C. In winter, heating should work, but the heaters should not be located next to the bed.

Better not to overload children's excess furniture to protect the child from injury and not to accumulate dust. Читать полностью -->

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