Cure disease

. If you do not have uterine hypertonus, go for a swim

(In the pool or the lake). This will strengthen your muscles and

prepare to leave the lungs.

. Do not carry weight.

. Regularly visit the gynecologist.

. If local gynecologist You Do not Like You

can safely get registered to another (even

another consultation). Читать полностью -->

But penalties and punishments


After these changes begin to love

yourself and your body.

At work, the boss kept bugging. In

compulsorily forced to go to work on

Saturdays and holidays, while on a day off could not go

Frankly about childbirth

Want baby

speech. But penalties and punishments had plenty. Daily

calls "on the carpet" disgusts me, nerves already

began to explode, there were regular headaches and

dizziness, insomnia appeared. I noticed that it has become

more nervous and irritable. After suffering in

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Somehow going to work, Deputy

phrase relating to my husband that he is not drooling,

looking at me. But the chief did not pay for these words

attention, ignoring them.

Somehow going to work, Deputy General asked

I go up the stairs slowly, so that he could close

door "office" and talk to me before I left home.

I walked slowly, and he was out of breath as he ran me through

stairs. Having caught up with me, Deputy Director General

I tried to hug and kiss on the lips. But I saw

murine color approximation whiskers jerked aside and

pushed with force "fart."

"You what? Are you crazy or what? What do you allow yourself? "-

I shouted.

"Vic, you're a long time like you. The first time I saw

You still at the interview, I fell in love "- with hope in

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- We now wait. If two hours

esch down below. Gynecologist first two had driven me

finger, and then using the other hand gently

I slipped into a metal needle to dissect

amniotic bubble. After puncturing the bladder, it

continued podavlivat my crotch, drain the water in the

iron tray that was under me.

"Water for bright, clear! It is very good! You got me

hear??? "- she turned to me.

"Yes" - I said, clenching his teeth. The procedure was slightly

painful and very, very unpleasant!

Frankly about childbirth

"Get off the chair - she continued to talk. - We now

wait. If two hours begin spontaneous contractions

it will not come ed stimulate generic activities

dropper. Читать полностью -->

After each meal, rinse

I m about on t in a n o p e (k y p and q a) - 100 g;

r ead of Sheka s e l e n d s on t and p in n of th - 150 g;

x l e b p and w n o d - 1 l o m m and k;

During pregnancy, it is necessary to more closely monitor the oral cavity, otherwise the gums begin to bleed and teeth will be affected by caries. After each meal, rinse mouth thoroughly recommended infusion of mint or chamomile.

to o m p o r - l 100 m.

C o l d and n: m a n d and p and n - 2 w t.

U w and n:

in and n e g r e t - 100 g;

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Vegetables can be consumed

Fish dishes are also better have boiled or floodplain. Preference should be given low-fat varieties of fish: pike, cod, carp, saffron cod, pike perch, etc. On the day you can eat up to 150 grams of fish, but do not eat salty and smoked fish.

Useful and side dishes of vegetables boiled and baked, as well as mixed salads and vinaigrettes. Vegetables can be consumed cauliflower and cabbage, radishes, turnips, zucchini, cucumbers, potatoes, beets, carrots and beans.

In a small number of dishes you can eat cereals and pasta, and should limit consumption of bread daily norm.

Allowed to eat eggs as omelettes, scrambled or as part of other courses (no more than 2 units per day).

Of fruits and berries is recommended to choose sour and sweet and sour varieties. So Allowed antonovskie apples, currants, cranberries, lemons, oranges, tangerines. Should be excluded bananas, grapes and dried fruits.

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