The guy decided

cross. I decided to break the relationship with him and correct him

said about this when he was sober. Sergei silently listened

I only just slightly embarrassed and br l. In the evening,

returning from a walk, I saw him near the entrance. He

waiting for me, was drunk and angry. The guy decided that with me

can be hard to talk to, and I will continue under pain with

meet him. Читать полностью -->

Most of the kids

Here's what else celebrate mom and dad after application

supermetoda this:

Typically, a baby begins to dress himself there.

Almost all children have become more obedient.

Most of the kids stopped writing at night.

The child is very happy acquisition of skills

and it helps raise his self-esteem.

The manual is written and easily accessible. It is equipped with

detailed instructions and illustrations for each

step in the process of schooling.

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Such children

It is well known that during pregnancy alcoholic beverages should be avoided entirely.

Thus, it was shown that the use of alcohol (5 times a week or more) women during pregnancy increases the risk of having a boy with cryptorchidism (undescended testes). In order to correct this birth defect, you may need surgery.

Alcohol also impairs the thyroid gland pregnant and may cause a disruption of the fetal brain formation. Such children are worse in school, they are harder to concentrate on anything, they begin to read the rest later, etc.

Yet scientists can not say that alcohol in any dose uniquely harmful. For example, in many European countries it is believed that if a woman consumes alcohol in small doses (100 ml wine or 0.33 liters of beer), and from time to time (1-2 times a month), it has no harmful effects on the fetus. However, studies have not been completed. Therefore, a woman who wants to have a healthy baby, it is better to abstain from alcohol. Читать полностью -->

As lay child

As lay child sleep

If child wants sleep , he fell asleep . It Easy and великая истина , которая многим мамам сберегла нервы . И истина , следующая for this - if a child sleep not wants , no necessary lay its forcibly ! matter in fact , that at healthy baby biorhythms debugged so clearly , that you , by large account , for its successful Sleep necessary just not interfere with these biorhythms .

Not See nervously on hours , worrying , that kid time sleep , and sleep at it nor in one eye . If a child good eaten , pozhmuril eyes on toy or favorite mother's face , be may , even smiled him fleetingly , then he this жизнью вполне доволен и обязательно заснет , но чуть позже . Не must throw rock baby , stacking its against желания . Он , скорее всего , действительно уснет , устав убеждать вас , что sleep he not wants . Читать полностью -->

Upon entering the room, we were

The room was on the second floor, it was

Duplex, that is consisted of two rooms, in which

faced with two beds, which were in addition to esch TV

table, chairs, two tables, on the floor's rooms are Cove p. Also

was calculated for four toilet and wash basin, which

located on the left side of the entrance and the shower - right

sides of the common hallway, on both sides of which

standing in front of each room closet for clothes and shoes.

Sun looked very well. Esch was good is that

Each room had a balcony.

Upon entering the room, we were met by an elderly woman. It

settler was the right room. Like it

smiling, but something unpleasant and slippery was e

look. She persistently treated me and my husband, then

something began to tell the story of his granddaughter and e

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To achieve this, first

he needs time to pee.

Gradually cease to remind

A child needs to learn how to perform necessary

sired sequence is independent

but without reminders. To achieve this, first

you give your child clear instructions, then proceed

to the issues, and then - to the common words associated with mountains

SHKOM, and in the end only certify the dry

the state of his pants. Please use the direct

mye instructions ("Billy, go to the potty"), then Handbook on Non

Shiva, where the child wants to go ("Billy, you're ho

chesh on pot? "), and then say something

Child shows where he peed

total that is associated with a pot ("Billy, show

where you go "pee-pee". ") In the end, the interests

just mind your baby dry panties ("Billy,

you have dry panties? ") that will not be the Napo

Minani and fact check the status of his underwear.

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