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nurse advised her to call the hospital,located a ten minute walk from our house,supposedly there were specialists familiar.Coming out of the building gynecology, I quickly dialed bycell number husband

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Cobalt also crosses

With the systematic use at home cookware copper copper poisoning is possible

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Proceed to classes, sitting in a comfortable chair

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phrase relating to my husband that he is not drooling,looking at me

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After each meal, rinse

I m about on t in a n o p e (k y p and q a) - 100 g;r ead of Sheka s e l e n d s on t and p in n of th - 150 g;x l e b p and w n o d - 1 l o m m and k;During pregnancy, it is necessary to more closely monitor the oral cavity, otherwise the gums begin to bleed and teeth will be affected by caries

Vegetables can be consumed

Fish dishes are also better have boiled or floodplain

Here are some plants

Before drinking grass, still ask, if they have any contraindications

Gastric ulcer

x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k;X and L in a - 50 g;to o m p o r and s x with y f o r t y to about a - 200 m l

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In which - is moment you can discover themselves screaming at the child, "Yes that you need to end all! " And here same you scared her cry and become pressed to himself small man, has served his cause.Or roughly sdernete odezhku that way not wants dress for naughty pen - legs and seeing wept from this rudeness toddler horrified most himself and think, "I not cope, I'm tired of it all quite not as I thought! "Lovely, lovely mom, such moments have the right to be! They are normal! Unless, of course, is not Permanent style your communication with the child.We love its child

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Buy thermal water "Vichy" or any other manufacturer

Stretch marks

This small breaks the skin tissue

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missing two-three-drops of one breast and two-three-x on the other.Honestly, these "miracle - pediatricians" not worth listening to.As Reb nok be fed five drops three hours??? Yesno way! I now understand it, but then I was not evenideas about how to feed of the child as he needsFood ....Frankly about childbirthI - a young momWhen I brought her son, he was asleep, but whenwoke up, began to cry

Optionally, you can add a few drops

Pumpkin juiceIt is recommended to drink freshly squeezed

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Tried and encouragement and punishment ...My son, the eighth child (of I dechildren), -year-old boy, is not accustomed to the pot

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Edited and published on the site: PRESSI (HERSON)area increased gas exchange, increased placenta slightly lowered);• accommodation of women in the highlands (in this case, again, there is a lack of oxygen).How does it manifest?The main symptom - bleeding from the vagina

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Useful berries and fruits

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of t h e m a t i th in with e to l and n and h i s e and f and l a b o r a t o r n e s s r and s and n, and b e r e m e n n o s t and n o p r and e t o m in n l o o s t and u t and to n e t b e m p and n a, a e s t s m n o w e s t in o n s y s p s k o v to about l and h e s t in o to o t o p u t s t r e m and m o m e n o l y in e and h and a e t i);in p and h u n e o b o d x and y m o d o s t e p o in t and s with I F a c t e b e r e m e n n o s t u

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Here's what else celebrate mom and dad after applicationsupermetoda this:Typically, a baby begins to dress himself there.Almost all children have become more obedient.Most of the kids stopped writing at night.The child is very happy acquisition of skillsand it helps raise his self-esteem.The manual is written and easily accessible

Such children

It is well known that during pregnancy alcoholic beverages should be avoided entirely.Thus, it was shown that the use of alcohol (5 times a week or more) women during pregnancy increases the risk of having a boy with cryptorchidism (undescended testes)

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As lay child sleepIf child wants sleep , he fell asleep

Upon entering the room, we were

The room was on the second floor, it wasDuplex, that is consisted of two rooms, in whichfaced with two beds, which were in addition to esch TVtable, chairs, two tables, on the floor's rooms are Cove p

To achieve this, first

he needs time to pee.Gradually cease to remindA child needs to learn how to perform necessarysired sequence is independentbut without reminders

The resulting mass

To the beef add the softened butter, pepper, salt and mix thoroughly.Ready pate in a cool place for 2 hours, then decorate with dill and serve

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The minute - the umbilical cord, which cut the midwife,pre zaschepit piece remaining in the child.The kid cried

Voucher number is composed

care facility which issued it.Ticket number birth certificate is designed forpayment for medical services rendered to womenadvice during pregnancy.Ticket number certificate is intended to pay formedical care provided to women duringbirths in maternity institutions.Voucher number is composed of two parts

Candles from

m) candles from hemorrhoidsn) a bottle of carbonated water,o) Breast (although it did not help me, by the way, bettermanual),n) nightgown c / b (if not given in the hospital) - - pcs.Everything else you bring relatives after childbirth(Pads, diapers for the baby ...)Frankly about childbirthTips for pregnant women

In e and u m o n o f n e r l and d and t s) Y x and w and a t s h a r e b e n o m: m and n and m u m to d and f s e t p and h and with

in e and u m o n o f n e r l and d and t s)Y x and w and a t s h a r e b e n o m: m and n and m u m to d and f s e t p and h and with a m e n t s i n a m p e r a n d o m s in t and s, n e r e o d e c a s t m a s a s t m a s l o m to p e m o m t

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Food for anemiaA woman who is pregnant for the second time, anemia often develops in the second half willows II III trimester

Bicycle elephant

39 Game 8 Game 8 Play again Memorize words and Draw crosses

Features that determine

Features that determine the correct position of the baby while feeding:F e b e n o k in a m e to p o n y with o m p o n e r a y m and n p and w and m to m in a.A and n of m and n and n s w and x of q and t i b l and s to o p o r t y and d.C o d b o r o d o to b e p e n to a n and p and with a t e i to g p y and d.P o w t and r about to about to about t p t s, n and w n i i g u b and s e r n a t y a n a r y and y

Wash parsley. Onion

Tomatoes stuffed with chicken meatIngredients4-5 tomatoes, 100 grams of minced chicken, 1 tablespoon butter, 1 onion, 1/2 bunch parsley, pepper and salt to taste.Method of preparationWash the tomatoes, cut off the tops and remove the teaspoon of pulp and seeds

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Dila on his high chair, then put beforehim a plate of food and asked if he had a dry briefski

This technique helps

Just before bedtime, lying in bed, woman slowly inhales air nose (first phase), momentarily traps air (second) and exhales mouth with lips relaxed (the third)

Now lift your shoulders up

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It is known that children during an acute illness or exacerbation of chronic, routine vaccination is not carried out

Salary reduced twice

money so we restock food in the office

After living with

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For such a short period

whom to ask when the veins are already spoiled, but occursan emergency and veins just needed?I decided to write this book only aftershe gave birth

Measure its best

Fever modern medicine considers the temperature measured in the armpit, above 37.5 degrees or rectal (measured in the rectum), the temperature above 38 degrees

Talked a lot about

Tatiana, especially since she graduated gymnastic Instituteand this was very proud

Children's room should

NurseryThe first few months, most infants spend in the parents' bedroom, as this facilitates breastfeeding and providedcontact with parents

It should be remembered

additional doses of vitamins need a woman whose pregnancy was complicated.Before taking any multivitamins, it is imperative to consult a doctor

Kid grows , the surrounding

Kid grows , the surrounding world begins to open him their secrets , nervous system from обилия впечатлений перегружается , и вот уже покачивание раздражает , песенка not happy , sleep not получается , и ребенок начинает кричать


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  • To achieve this, first
  • Bicycle elephant
  • The resulting mass
  • If your
  • While Mickey
  • After each meal, rinse
  • In e and u m o n o f n e r l and d and t s) Y x and w and a t s h a r e b e n o m: m and n and m u m to d and f s e t p and h and with
  • Voucher number is composed
  • Cobalt also crosses
  • Young red-haired