Here and there, in the woods, on my phone

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where you want. Only here, in the resort, my

MTS "dead." Well, that was me with Simca


I always use this number only where there is no

MTS take, for example, in Turkey. I like Beeline. It

the only link that automatically switches

roaming abroad.

Here and there, in the woods, on my phone antenna is

appeared on one or two sticks, and then disappeared altogether. But,

thanks Beeline, although some connection, but there was. Later, I

Frankly about childbirth

Miracles do happen

learned that in the lobby there is a telephone, and thanks

set the defined combination of numbers, could have

Operator place a call at the expense of the host country.

It was convenient, especially for those who have run out of money on

cellular telephone or was not Biline.

Administrator by issuing travel documents gave

me the key with number plates from the room and invited to go for it.

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"I have a uterus

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nurse advised her to call the hospital,

located a ten minute walk from our house,

supposedly there were specialists familiar.

Coming out of the building gynecology, I quickly dialed by

cell number husband. That's where the tears flowed.

"I have a uterus in tone" - I told my husband crying.

"What does that mean?" - He said.

"It may be a miscarriage," - said


"Do not cry, everything will be fine. We will do everything to prevent this from

happened, "- said Kirill.

Once home, my mother told me that I made

bags with their belongings necessary for hospitals and

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If your

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. If your baby cries, there are a few


-He wants to eat

-He wants to sleep

-He whines tummy (especially in boys when changing


- It requires attention (he was bored)

- It hurt ears (otitis)

After vaccination, it sluggish and whiny ...

. With two months of age to teach your child

meaning of the words. When you see what he wrote,

voiced "pis-pis" and when pooping - "ah-ah-ah", with

Do not forget to praise the kid kind words

"Clever", "young man" ... I'm always after eating sadila

son reclining on his knees so that his head

rested under my breasts (in the stomach), and the legs flexed in

kolenochkah and kept so until then, until the baby

Frankly about childbirth

Caring for your baby

"Go to the toilet." So it will be easier to put a child

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Cobalt also crosses

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With the systematic use at home cookware copper copper poisoning is possible. Its symptoms are cramps, impaired kidney function, gastroenteritis. Also, excess copper in the body can cause kidney disease.

It can be concluded that the healing properties of copper, even today, are not revealed until the end. It has been proven that copper has anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer effect. And quite high effect produces even a very small amount of copper. It began to be used to treat infections of the respiratory tract and intestines. Читать полностью -->

The next day do so, as described

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so that did not happen "accident". Do this before

until the child himself does not go on the potty not

how many times this is not wetted with the panties.

Once the baby to relieve themselves independent

relatively few times, you can not postpone all

the necessary learning objects. Allow him to

watch TV or play near

pot. Now you can go about their business.

Panty check once per hour, especially when up

come my other family members. The next

day do so, as described in Chapter .




At this point, your child has already had

learn how to potty. But

Some parents fear, will not this to

Rothko period of training for the baby only

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Gradually decrease

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Proceed to classes, sitting in a comfortable chair. Once you napraktikuetes complex can continue in any position.

Sniff. During exhalation through the mouth relax muscles of the whole body, from head to toe. First, during one breaths that you do not succeed, try to stay within five breaths. Count to five. Gradually decrease the calculation time to meet the one inhale-exhale. Читать полностью -->

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